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Aue is located in the Saxony region at the outlet of the river Schwarzwasser into the river Mulde in the Ore Mountains, and has roughly 18,000 inhabitants. Aue was the administrative seat of the former district of Aue-Schwarzenberg in Saxony, and is part of the Erzgebirgskreis since August 2008. It belongs to the Silberberg Town League (Städtebund Silberberg).

The mining town has been known for its copper, titanium, and kaolinite. The town was a machine-building and cutlery manufacturing centre in East German times and is now developing tourism, as the Silver Road (Silberstraße) runs through town.
Banhofstrasse 37, Aue
Gesamtfläche/Tot. Area: 1,826 m2
Grundstück/Landplot: 920 m2
Einheiten/Units: 21
Gothestr 3, Aue
Gesamtfläche/Tot. Area: 599 m2
Grundstück/Landplot: 512 m2
Einheiten/Units: 8
Lessingstr 1, Aue
Gesamtfläche/Tot. Area: 687 m2
Grundstück/Landplot: 358 m2
Einheiten/Units: 8
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